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The Victoria Natural History Society: A Founding Partner of the Greater Victoria NatureHood

The Victoria Natural History Society is a founding member of the Greater Victoria NatureHood. We were present at the initial meeting hosted by the CRD back in 2016 and we're pleased to continue participating in and furthering the goals of the GVNH. It's a perfect fit, given that our goals are

  • To stimulate an active interest in natural history

  • To study and protect flora and fauna and their habitats, and

  • To work with other societies and like bodies having interests in common with the Society

The VNHS is a completely volunteer-run community organization with a 75 year history in the region and as many as 750 members of all ages. Membership is easy to acquire through our website (below) and it's a real bargain!

We offer the opportunity to explore the Greater Victoria area through field trips for members plus presentations (open to all) with experts in birds, marine life, botany, butterflies and other invertebrates, and natural history in general. Of course COVID has placed restrictions on some of our activities. We have developed protocols for field trips but presentations are strictly by zoom for the foreseeable future. Members receive a newsletter called The Victoria Naturalist (published six times a year) and the VNHS website has archived issues from 1944 until 2007, with an index, available to all.

The VNHS is a member of BC Nature and is connected with others in the local community. We have a schools program and we're affiliated with The Bateman Foundation (another GVNH partner) through the Nature Sketch program. We established scholarships for students of Victoria's universities and colleges interested in natural history and its various specialities.

We're increasingly advocating for our precious resources through letters to politicians and we're upping our presence on social media. Altogether a vibrant organization with much to offer. A proud partner of the Greater Victoria NatureHood.

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