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The Greater Victoria Naturehood is a collaborative effort by several not-for-profit, public and private organizations. A list of the partners appears below. Representatives from Nature Canada and Canadian Wildlife Service serve as advisors to the partners.


The purpose of the collaboration is to work more effectively together to connect residents and visitors with the nature that can be found in and around the Greater Victoria region so that they are more inclined to protect and restore it. 


To achieve this goal, the partners individually and collaboratively offer a broad range of activities with special attention to those that would engage children, youth and families. Details about these activities can be found by following each partner’s website link also listed below.


The Greater Victoria Naturehood is a project undertaken with the financial support of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

Partner Organizations

Bateman Foundation

Birds Canada

Capital Regional District/Esquimalt Lagoon Stewardship Initiative › ELSI

Community Association of Oak Bay

District of Saanich/Saanich Park › main › parks-recreation-community

Eagle Wing Tours

Friends of Shoal Harbour Society

Friends of Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Municipality of Esquimalt/Parks and Recreation › parks-recreation

Municipalty of Oak Bay/Parks, Recreation & Culture › parks-recreation

NatureKids BC

Rocky Point Bird Observatory 

Swan Lake/Christmas Hill Nature Sanctuary

Victoria Natural History Society

World Fisheries Trust

World Wildlife Canada


The Greater Victoria Naturehood is a collaboration of non-profits, public and private organizations working together in Greater Victoria to connect residents and visitors with nearby nature, for the purposes of nature conservation, preservation and restoration.

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