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Southern Vancouver Island A Hot Spot for Birds But Unleashed Dogs Pose Serious Threats

"The dog races down the beach in joyous abandon startling the shorebirds into the sky.

It’s a common sight at local beaches, despite the fact that the southern tip of Vancouver Island, from the Esquimalt Lagoon to Ten Mile Point, is within the Victoria Harbour Migratory Bird Sanctuary.

People pay little attention to — or perhaps don’t even notice — the blue loon sign affixed to beach railings indicating the shoreline is a protected area for seabirds, waterbirds and shorebirds and that dogs must be on a leash. And hour after hour, day after day, the birds are scattered as they try to feed or rest.

It’s a concern for bird expert Ann Nightingale, who understands that most people love their pets and want them to have fun. Unfortunately, many don’t believe their unleashed dogs are causing harm."

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Photo Credit: Photographer wishes to remain anonymous

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