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More Owl Deaths in our Parks

To report dead wild birds, please call 1-866-431-BIRD (2473)

Adapted from a Peninsula Streams and Shores notification:

"In the past two weeks, I [ Dorothy Chambers] have been called to TWO Great Horned Owl deaths in our parks. One at Christmas Hill area, and yesterday, one at Beaver Lake.

Both of these GHOW (Great Horned Owls) were well known to the community and had been followed and monitored by the local stewards for near a decade.

Neither died of trauma, necropsies to follow in the coming months. Both have mates sitting on eggs.

Also, since December, two owls, one unknown species, and one GHOW were found dead in Cuthbert Holmes Park. Both were very close to our active nest.

I work both with the federal and provincial agencies to study the cause of deaths. There is currently the on going rodenticide and Avian Flu (AF) studies particularly.

PLEASE, have this number handy. PLEASE give it to any one that calls with a report.

It is sooo very important the carcass is not ignored and left in place. If the death was from rodenticides or AF, it will be spread to any predators at the carcass, with their probable ultimate demise also.

Please share this!"

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