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Greater Victoria NatureHood Gaining Recognition and Winning Awards!

Not only has the Greater Victoria NatureHood's "Nature in The City" map released this past spring been an instant hit with 15,000 copies distributed throughout the region; it has also garnered the following awards so far this year:

The Conservation Award presented by Nature Canada;

Finalist for the Volunteer Award from Charity Village;

Nominated for the Innovation Award given by EcoStar Awards;

Selected for the 2022 Map Calendar produced by ESRI Canada;

and to be featured at the International Cartographic Association Conference in Florence, Italy!

Our exhibit celebrating the life and work of the renowned wild bird painter, Fenwick Lansdowne, received the Communication Award from the Hallmark Heritage Society.

And the year isn't over yet!

Stay tuned!

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Joachim Carolsfeld
Joachim Carolsfeld
29 de nov. de 2021

Congratulations on the fine work for our birds and associated ecosystems!

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