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Connecting Canadians With Nature

Updated: 3 days ago

Environment and Climate Change Canada recently released this very important document. Of particular significance to the partners of the Greater Victoria NatureHood and for anyone else concerned about the apparent lack of emphasis on the role of public education and outreach in conserving and protecting nature is the section "Connecting Canadians to Nature"

Here is a snippet from this section:

"The more people interact with nature, the more they care and value it, and take action for its conservation. It is with this awareness that Eccc's "Connecting Canadians to Nature" initiative seeks to provide the public with more opportunities to connect to nature on federal lands while encuring wildlife conservation. ECCC will continue to advance this initiative, improving public access to specific sites by developing or rehabilitating infrastructure, improving trail conditions, providing hands-on experiences such as bird banding and nature interpretation, and supporting other low-impact uses."

Some of you may remember that the Canadian Wildlife Service once had a remarkable nature interpetative program which included a number of interpretive centres across the country. This was for a very brief time from the early to late 1980s. Since then there has been very little recognition of the value of public education and outreach to the migratory bird sanctuaries as well as other federal protected areas. Therefore, the inclusion of this section is seen as an extremely positive and exciting sign

We encourage everyone to become familiar with this document and to use it to hold ECCC accountable for it's implementation.

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