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City Nature Challenge 2024: Greater Victoria

Updated: Apr 6

April 26th - 29th: Take photos of plants and wildlife in your backyard, local park and natural areas within the capital region, and upload them to iNaturalist.

Register for the in-person Introduction to iNaturalist Workhsop April 10 from 6-8pm at the Swan Lake Nature House. Learn how to use iNaturalist, participate in the City Nature Challenge and take good photos to help with identification.  

The City Nature Challenge, running April 26-29, 2024, is an annual community science event encouraging the community to record observations of local plants, animals and fungi using iNaturalist. This friendly competition with cities across the world for the most observations is a great way to get outside and learn about our local biodiversity and ecosystems and participate in science.

 iNaturalist is a nature-tracking website and app that allows the community to participate in data collection. The community science data collected through iNaturalist helps scientists and local governments to better understand and protect our region’s biodiversity.

Be sure to take close up, focused images of the species you are observing. Read this photo guide for great tips on how to take clear, identifiable photos for different types of organisms.

Community science is for everyone! Whether you are an avid naturalist or sidewalk stroller, you can participate in community science and collect data on the biodiversity in your city.

New to iNaturalist? Check out the links below. Read or watch how to use the iNaturalist mobile app. Once you are familiar with the app you can read how to upload and identify on the iNaturalist webpage.

Check out the City Nature Challenge website more details:

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